BLURAMS Überwachungskamera mit Solarpanel und Akku für den kabellosen Einsatz -

BLURAMS surveillance camera with solar panel and rechargeable battery for wireless use

The surveillance camera with battery and solar panel is an innovative solution for autonomous video surveillance. This camera offers the ability to provide uninterrupted security in remote areas or places without electricity.

The use of a solar panel and battery allows the camera to be operated even where mains power is not available. The solar cells charge the integrated lithium-ion battery during the day so that it continues to work overnight - even in bad weather! In this way, you are mainly self-sufficient for long periods of time and do not have to constantly replace new batteries or install an external generator.

In addition, these surveillance cameras have other advantages: They are easy to install, require no maintenance and have a robust housing for both indoor and outdoor use concepts, so they are ideal for environments with the most adverse conditions, in turn, you can efficiently reduce risks.

Overall, the surveillance camera with battery and solar panel offers you maximum flexibility and autonomy when protecting your properties, animals, etc. - regardless of the location!
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