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Charger wireless Fast Charger Qi charging station

Charger wireless Fast Charger Qi charging station

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Wireless Fast Charging Qi - induction charging station - cool transparent design

Baseus 10W Qi Wireless Charger

Simply all smartphones that support wireless charging!

As soon as you place your smartphone on the charging cradle, the power supply starts - you don't have to plug anything in, connect anything - just hang up. If you remove the smartphone from the charging station, the charging process is automatically terminated.

  • Wireless charging thanks to the Qi standard
  • Very thin Qi charging block
  • Round and handy design
  • Can be used for all devices with the Qi standard
  • USB charging cable included
  • Colour: Black & Clear
  • Brand: Baseus
  • Material: aluminum & glass

Qi is a standard that enables the flow of energy to be transmitted wirelessly.

The wireless induction charger builds up a small magnetic field and transmits the energy or charging power wirelessly within this magnetic field and thus has a universal charging interface for Qi-enabled end devices.

The charger is powered with the included Micro USB charging cable.

The induction charging process enables charging without a cable.

This standard is used in smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Since you only have to put your mobile phone on to charge it, you avoid wearing out the plug contacts on your device.

Due to the standardization, the induction station and the mobile phone to be charged do not have to come from the same manufacturer, which means that a single charger is sufficient for several mobile phones to be charged.

And all this without cable clutter.

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