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Matcha Green Tea Set Bamboo incl. Matcha Whisk

Matcha Green Tea Set Bamboo incl. Matcha Whisk

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Beautiful Matcha set "Bamboo" made of high-quality components

The ceramic matcha bowl is handmade and therefore no two are alike, slight differences and deviations from the photo are unavoidable.

The artistically painted bamboo motif is slightly raised and is therefore not only pleasing to the eye, but can also be felt.

In the Asian culture, bamboo is part of everyday life as a lucky charm and symbol of strength, growth and positive life energy.

The set includes a white bamboo matcha whisk, also known as a chasen, an indispensable accessory for preparing matcha tea.

It has 80 bristles and allows the matcha tea to be beaten with a firm and handsome foam.

The enclosed "Chashaku" matcha spoon is the traditional tool for removing the right amount of matcha powder from the container.

The matcha whisk holder made of porcelain (jap. "chasentate") extends the life of the matcha whisk, as the bristles dry quickly and particularly well thanks to even ventilation.

After use, simply rinse the bamboo broom with lukewarm water and place it on the holder with the bristles facing down.

The special shape of the holder ensures that the bristles are protected and keep their shape longer.
Our broom holder offers a perfect fit for all broom types.

Due to the crouched, slightly flattened design, it is very stable.

•Height: 7 cm
•Diameter: 6.3 cm
•Material: Porcelain

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