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Matcha Green Tea Set Magnolia incl. Matcha Whisk

Matcha Green Tea Set Magnolia incl. Matcha Whisk

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The Matcha Set "Magnolia" is skilfully crafted and contains high-quality components:

The ceramic matcha bowl is handmade and therefore none of the others are the same, small differences and deviations from the photo are unavoidable.

The flower is artistically painted on and is slightly raised, which not only pleases the eyes but can also be felt.

White magnolias symbolize purity and perfection in Chinese culture. In addition, the magnolia is a sign of beauty and femininity, the Chinese Yin.

Having survived so many of nature's challenges for so long, it is also a symbol of long life, eternity, and perseverance.

The bamboo matcha whisk, also called chasen, is an essential accessory for preparing matcha tea.

Before beating the matcha, the bristles of the matcha whisk should be soaked in warm water for a short time, this increases the service life.

Do not pull the broom over the bottom of the bowl when you open it yourself, as parts of the sensitive bristles could break off.

It has 80 bristles and allows you to beat matcha tea (green tea) with a firm and substantial foam.

After use, simply rinse the bamboo broom with lukewarm water and place it on the broom holder provided with the bristles pointing downwards.

The special shape of the holder ensures that the bristles are protected and keep their shape longer.

With the traditional bamboo spoon (chashaku), the Matcha powder is optimally dosed into the bowl (1 heaped spoon corresponds to 1g).

All parts are made of high-quality ceramics.

  • Matcha bowl : ø 11.4cm
  • Volume: 225ml
  • Bamboo Matcha Whisk Chasen : 80 bristles
  • Chasentate - Holder for matcha whisks: ø 6.3cm / H: 7cm
  • Original Japanese Matcha spoon Chashaku made of white bamboo : 18cm
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