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Matcha set "Wave Duo" with 30g organic matcha

Matcha set "Wave Duo" with 30g organic matcha

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Matcha set "Wave Duo" with 30g premium organic matcha

Beautiful matcha set for two people made from high-quality components:

The two ceramic matcha bowls are handcrafted.

Therefore, none is the same as the others, slight differences and deviations from the photo are unavoidable.

The carefully applied glaze in lively shades of pink or blue on a white background contrasts perfectly with the matcha and underlines its lively aroma.

The duo set is rounded off by 30g original Japanese organic matcha* from Mie Prefecture in southern Japan, filled in an airtight, resealable zip bag.

Diameter: 4.5"

Height: 6.2cm

Content: approx. 225 ml

Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.

The bamboo matcha whisk, also called chasen, is an essential accessory for preparing matcha tea.

It has 80 bristles and allows the matcha tea to be beaten with a firm and handsome foam.

After use, simply rinse the bamboo broom with lukewarm water and place it on the broom holder provided with the bristles pointing downwards.

The special shape of the holder ensures that the bristles are protected and keep their shape longer.

With the traditional bamboo spoon (chashaku), the Matcha powder is optimally dosed into the bowl (1 heaped spoon corresponds to 1g).

*from controlled organic cultivation according to EG-Öko-VO - certified by AGRECO DE-ÖKO-012

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