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PNi UV300 insect repellent

PNi UV300 insect repellent

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PNi UV300 insect repellent - against mosquitoes, flies and other insects

  • 2 UV tubes
  • 20W power
  • For indoor use only
  • Floor and ceiling mounting possible

No chemicals, no smell, no noise

The PNi UV300 is effective against mosquitoes, flies, moths and insects in general that are attracted to ultraviolet light. The animals are eliminated by an electric shock.

Easy to clean

A drip pan is located under the unit and can be easily removed for cleaning. Just pull it out, throw away the leftovers and rinse the tub with water. IMPORTANT: Dry the tub well before putting it back in place.

Security for all family members

The PNi features a solid metal grille that prevents children from reaching and touching the electrically charged grill. The device should only be used indoors and offers protection for rooms up to 80 square meters.

Floor and ceiling mounting (hanging)

When designing the UV300 from PNi, a lot was considered. On the one hand, the device can be set up very well on a flat surface on the floor or mounted hanging from the ceiling with the supplied chain.

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