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Bluram's D10C Video Doorbell

Bluram's D10C Video Doorbell

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Smart full HD video doorbell (1080 pixels), night vision, ultra wide angle (161°), intelligent motion detection with 2-way audio (EU version) - white

Blurams captures who's at your doorstep in a smarter, more self-paced way that other doorbells can't match. The doorbell will be activated immediately when pressed or a person is detected by the PIR sensor. It intelligently identifies visitors, starts recording and sends real-time notifications. Whether it's a sunny day or a dark night, Blurams knows what's what and acts brilliantly. Two-way audio, 32 ringtones chime & 1080P video communication and sleep mode make everything audible, visible and easy! If you can't answer, you can reply to visitors with various pre-saved messages thanks to quick replies.

Intelligent Face Recognition
AI intelligent, always ready and reliable. More than a doorbell, Blurams is an ultra-versatile best pal. It recognizes, remembers and automatically replies to your visitors, friends and family members with the exclusive custom quick voicemail reply. Specially customized for you and your family & friends, life couldn't be simpler.

connected home
IFTTT connects your home and ensures that everything is in order. Blurams is an irreplaceable part of the smart home ecosystem. Turn on the lights, run the vacuum cleaner robot, brew a cup of coffee, play your favorite songs... Everything you need, anytime, at your service! A smart and much simpler modern lifestyle, now it comes true.

wide angle and night vision
With a wide angle of 160°, excellent night vision with IR-LEDS and reliable facial analysis and reaction, Blurams keeps you safe and never goes offline. More than half a year of powerful battery life with no false alarms makes it even more durable!

Bluram's design
Elegant streamline shape, crystal clear custom lens panel, fully automatic inductive doorbell light. The true beauty of great design never compromises.

The Blurams Cloud offers up to 48 hours of continuous recording and relies on AWS to protect your data with the utmost security, ensuring all recorded videos are protected.
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