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Organic Matcha Tea - Japan Premium Quality, 30g

Organic Matcha Tea - Japan Premium Quality, 30g

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Our premium organic matcha is characterized by its bright green color and mild, aromatic taste.

Matcha (Japanese for "powdered tea") is a special type of green tea (tencha) that is ground into a fine powder in stone mills.


  • Out of biological cultivation
  • Highest green tea premium quality from Japan
  • Pure Matcha without additives

It is used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Matcha has an intense green color and a lovely, sweet, sometimes slightly tart taste.

The tea contains many catechins as well as carotenes and vitamins A, B, C and E.

For the production of Matcha, the tea bushes are shaded with cloths about four weeks before harvest.

This creates an extremely delicate, dark green leaf.

After harvesting, the tea leaves are steamed, dried and ground after removing all the coarse leaf vessels.

Matcha quickly loses quality through oxidation in contact with oxygen and should therefore be consumed as quickly as possible.

Storage in the refrigerator and airtight packaging will extend the life of the tea.

Ingredients: Green tea*, ground
Content: 30g

*from controlled organic cultivation according to EG-Öko-VO - certified by AGRECO DE-ÖKO-012

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