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Matcha Whisk Green Tee 80 Bamboo Whisk Chasen

Matcha Whisk Green Tee 80 Bamboo Whisk Chasen

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Tea culture is a very noble culture, tea as a taste of life, the taste of life

The matcha whisk (Japanese "chasen") is indispensable for the tea ceremony.

This size 80 bamboo whisk is probably the most commonly used matcha whisk.

It is equally suitable for all Japanese powder teas.

It can be used to whip both koicha (strong, thick tea) and usucha (thin tea).

•Material: White Bamboo
•Total length: approx. 10.5 cm
• Diameter stem: approx. 2.5 cm
•Broom head diameter: approx. 6 cm
•Number of bristles: approx. 76-82

What does 80 mean?
The matcha whisk is made by hand: the piece of bamboo is split again and again with a sharp, special knife. Depending on the thickness of the bamboo, a chase with a different number of bristles is created. 80 does not mean exactly 80 bristles. The actual number of outer bristles is between 76 and 82. For a 120 matcha brush it is about 90 to 96. The bamboo itself is slightly thicker on a 120 brush than on an 80 brush.

The 80s matcha whisks offered here are always a good choice and are equally suitable for beginners and professionals.

Note on use and storage:

The matcha whisk is delivered in a plastic packaging.

This packaging is only for transport.

  • It is not suitable for storage after use.

  • Under no circumstances should the Chasen be kept wet in the closed container.

The matcha whisk is an important utensil for preparing matcha.

It is a commodity that will last a long time if cared for properly, but not forever.

To keep the Chasen in good condition, please note the following:

A dry chase tends to break the bristles when hitting the matcha.

The bristles should therefore be made supple before each use by carefully turning them in hot water.
After use, the chasen needs to dry.

There is a special stand for this, called Chasentate.

The bamboo broom can dry quickly there.

More importantly, on such a stand it will always hold its shape while allowing its inner ribs to properly unfold.

Whipping the matcha is relatively easy:

The matcha powder is whipped up with fairly quick movements of the wrist, like writing an "M".

A fine, jade-green foam is formed.

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