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Black Friday - Reolink Go Plus Mobile 4G LTE 2K 4MP Security Camera

Black Friday - Reolink Go Plus Mobile 4G LTE 2K 4MP Security Camera

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Reolink Go Plus Mobile 4G LTE 2K 4MP Super HD Security Camera with Intelligent Vehicle and People Detection

No WLAN? No power connection?
Reolink Go Plus is ready anytime, anywhere

The Reolink Go Plus is an upgrade of the Reolink Go and works over 3G and 4G LTE mobile network . (Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt)

It offers a higher resolution of 2K 4 MP Super HD and smarter vehicle and person detection .

As a result, an ideal video surveillance solution is flexibly available in places where there is limited / no WiFi access and no power connection. Cable clutter is a thing of the past!

With its new built-in technology, the Reolink Go Plus provides reliable identification of people and vehicles , reducing false alarms.

The Reolink Go Plus captures sharp and clear live images and videos in 2K 4MP Super HD. So you don't have to worry about blurry shots anymore. With the advanced CMOS sensor, the Reolink Go Plus captures the smallest details even in low light conditions (up to 10 m).

An intercom function is possible with the integrated microphone and loudspeaker . Talk to loved ones, warn uninvited guests and scare away unwanted visitors wherever you are.

Frequent battery changes are no longer necessary! The Reolink Go Plus is equipped with a battery that can be charged quickly. A full charge allows for long runtime! By connecting the weatherproof Reolink Solar Panel to the Reolink Go Plus via a USB cable, the camera's battery is continuously supplied with solar power. Uninterrupted power also means uninterrupted protection!

With the time- lapse function, you can e.g. For example, record the sunset, the blossoming of flowers or the construction process in seconds or minutes.

The Reolink Go Plus records motion events and stores them on a microSD card up to 128GB. (optionally available)

The smart PIR motion sensor works reliably and generates almost no false alarms. Receive in-app push notifications, email notifications and sound alerts when motion is detected. You can also create individual alarm announcements. Don't miss any more important events!

Email: Email snapshots of motion events
App: Send push notifications to your mobile device
Siren: An alarm sounds automatically or remotely when a person or car is detected.
You can also customize them with your own desired voice prompt.

As soon as you access the Reolink Go Plus, the camera immediately turns on for live view . Through Reolink App/Client, you can see real-time whether everything is ok at your home, office, farm, etc.

You can decide for yourself which zone you want to receive alarms from and which not. Just mark a zone and you will not receive alarms from that area.

The metal and aluminum body makes the camera waterproof and robust . It works perfectly both inside and outside buildings, even in difficult weather conditions.

- A Nano SIM card with a suitable data plan is required separately. (available from every provider)

main features

  • 2K 4MP Super HD resolution
  • 100% wireless, battery operated
  • Battery and solar powered
  • High quality night vision up to 10 meters
  • Integrated micro SD card slot for micro SD cards (optionally available)
  • Vehicle and person detection
  • 2-way audio
  • Intelligent alerting, individual alarm announcements
  • Weatherproof IP65
  • 4G mobile network
  • Live View via Reolink App/Client

Portable and weatherproof (IP65 )! Reolink Go Plus can be placed anywhere indoors and outdoors. You can easily monitor the forecourt, construction site , farm and other areas, where you need a mobile protector

Battery & solar operation - non-stop power supply & environmentally friendly

battery pack

Frequent battery changes are no longer necessary! Reolink Go is equipped with a battery that can be charged quickly. A full charge allows a long runtime of several months!

Solar panel (optionally available)

Connect the weatherproof Reolink solar panel to Reolink GoPlus with a USB cable to continuously supply the camera battery with solar power. Non-stop power also creates non-stop protection!

Reolink Go Plus - Best helper for any job site

At home or on the go, Reolink Go Plus takes your worries away! Mount the Go camera anywhere you need a mobile protector.

SIM card

A data SIM card is required for mobile use in a mobile network. Available from any mobile phone provider.

Scope of delivery :

- Reolink GO PLUS surveillance camera including battery and accessories

Additional options:

- Data SIM card available separately from any mobile operator

- Micro SD memory card sold separately here in the store

- Solar panel for Reolink GO PLUS here in the store

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