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Tea sets - Cha Dao utensils made of bamboo

Tea sets - Cha Dao utensils made of bamboo

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Traditional bamboo tea set.

The tea set for Gong Fu Cha, Chinese "Cha Dao",

consists :

  • Teaspoon
  • tea tongs
  • tea thorn
  • tea spatula

With the tea spoon, the loose tea is portioned from the serving bowl into the teapot or gaiwan.

If the tea is in the form of open leaves, the tea spoon is rather unsuitable for portioning and the tea spatula is used instead to "push" the leaves out of the bowl into the teapot.

The tea funnel is placed on the pot so that nothing goes wrong when filling.

The tea tongs are used for touching and moving tea bowls and scented mugs, as these can heat up so much from the hot water that they can no longer be touched with bare fingers.

Finally, the tea spike is used to free the spout of the teapot should tea leaves get stuck in it.

Ideal for Gong Fu Cha, the Chinese tea ceremony
•Tea set, for the correct portioning and removal of the tea leaves from the pot
•Set consists of: tea spoon, tea tongs, tea pick and tea spatula
•Made of bamboo

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