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Surveillance camera PNI House IP52 2MP 1080P Wireless

Surveillance camera PNI House IP52 2MP 1080P Wireless

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Surveillance camera PNI House IP52 2MP 1080P Wireless

Remote control by phone or PC

The IP52 video surveillance camera is compatible with the CamHi application (Android / iOS) and the HiP2P application (Windows). Based on the camera's IP address, you can also access the camera via the web browser. All remote control methods allow real-time viewing of images, recording, manual start and stop of recording, network, video or audio settings.

two-way communication. Integrated microphone and speaker

With the built-in microphone and loudspeaker, the recordings have not only picture but also sound and you can communicate with the visitor remotely or drive away intruders.

Notification in case of alarm

When the alarm is triggered by human shape or motion detection, the camera can notify you through notifications to your smartphone or email.

recording of the recordings

Specify whether recordings should be sent to an FTP server or saved locally on the SD card (not included). Storage on a compatible recorder with a higher capacity (e.g. PNi IP516 or AHD808) is also possible.

Recording in 2MP H.264 Full HD 1920x1080

Images are saved with great clarity and H.264 video compression. This increases storage efficiency. Thanks to 18 special IR LEDs, sharp images are also delivered at night within a range of 30m.

Easy setup

Scan the QR code on the label and let us easily guide you through the setup. This can also be done manually by entering the UID.

operation manual

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