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Surveillance camera IP390T 1080P with PTZ WiFi H264

Surveillance camera IP390T 1080P with PTZ WiFi H264

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Video surveillance camera IP390T 1080P with PTZ WiFi H264

  • supports up to 128GB microSD cards
  • Forbearance function
  • Tuya application
  • p2p

Remote access to the camera

  • To access, monitor and remotely control the camera via the Internet from any mobile device with Android or iOS operating system, you have the free application Tuya Smart or Smart Life, applications that give you full access to the camera functions.

Visualization even in poor light conditions

  • The PN3 IP390T 2MP IP Video Surveillance Camera is designed for remote video/audio monitoring and surveillance of desired locations. The camera connects to the internet via wired or wireless to transmit real-time video images to the dedicated application on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Local recording on microSD card

  • It is equipped with a microSD card slot, which allows you to take pictures for later viewing using a memory card of max. 128 GB, sold separately.

Infrared LEDs for high-quality black and white images

  • IPI IP390T IP video surveillance camera is equipped with 6 infrared LEDs that allow you to view high-quality black and white images at night at a distance of up to 10 m (the distance varies depending on the color of objects, walls, ambient light, etc.). It can be used to control homes, offices, factories, shops, hospitals, etc. Simple, convenient and real-time.

Remote rotation

  • The video surveillance camera provides the user with the ability to remotely control rotation at an angle of 355° horizontally and 90° vertically for a much wider and almost complete view of the protected space. Another useful feature is the digital zoom, which allows you to zoom in for more detail.

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